Pope admits no physical evidence supports claim that PM2.5 causes death

Here is Arden Pope’s response to Jim Enstrom’s March 2017 study in Dose Response. Past Pope’s lengthy arm-waving about dubious-if-not-fraudulent statistics, in the end he cannot cite a single bit of physical evidence that PM2.5 kills anyone — even though he claims 4.2 million people were killed by PM2.5 in 2015. Here’s the key passage:

All that “substantial work” has failed to link PM2.5 inhalation to death. Pope has even been forced to claim that breathing blue-sky clean air is more dangerous than smoking.

4.2 million dead people is a lot of bodies. It’s why we demand:

American Cancer Society basically confirms Jim Enstrom destroyed original 1995 Pope PM2.5 study

The worst the American Cancer Society can say about Jim Enstrom’s total debunking and destruction of Arden Pope’s 1995 PM2.5 analysis (one of the two main lines relied upon by EPA in its war on coal rules) is “we have no knowledge of how nor from what source he obtained the data used in the analysis, and therefore, we cannot confirm the data are from the CPS-II cohort.”

I guess the easy way to solve that dilemma is to compare data sets — Enstrom’s with the one that the ACS, Pope and the EPA have been hiding for 22 years. But ACS never approached Enstrom to do that simple task. Instead, it submitted this lame attack on Enstrom. The bottom line is that the ACS is part and parcel of EPA’s PM2.5 fraud — only interested in the political/financial agenda, not science. Now the ACS/Pope/EPA cabal are in cover-up mode.