Nope, PM2.5 from forest fires doesn’t kill anyone, either

Lazy or lyin’ researchers and the WaPo’s Chris Mooney get it wrong (again).

JunkScience readers already know from “Scare Pollution” and our California study that PM2.5 in outdoor air kills no one.

Nevertheless, foolish researchers — Maria Val Martin (University of Sheffield), Bonne Ford (Colorado State University), Sarah Zelasky (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), Colette L Heald (MIT), Fang Li (Inst. of Atmospheric Physics), David M Lawrence (National Center for Atmospheric Research), Emily V Fischer (Colorado State University), and Jeffrey R Pierce (Colorado State University) — presented this nonsense at the 2017 American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting.

As before, “Scare Pollution,” our California study and much other work and reality debunks the notion that PM2.5 kills anyone under any conditions. But researchers have even previously looked at whether PM2.5 from forest fires kills. Not surprisingly, the answer is, NO!

The only thing PM2.5 kills is junk scientist credibility.