Steve Milloy Statement on Repeal of Clean Power Plan

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The Clean Power Plan was based on the Obama EPA’s illegal and scientifically bankrupt endangerment finding.

The Obama EPA made up its mind to condemn CO2 before the endangerment rulemaking began, ignored the ongoing global warming pause and then finalized the finding despite the shocking Climategate emails confirming the scientific corruption of the climate alarmists.

Particularly galling was the Obama-invented “social cost of carbon.” In reality, there is no social cost of carbon because without fossil fuels, society stop.

Ironically, the Obama Clean Power Plan was not justified on the basis of reduced CO2 emissions but on the “co-benefit” of lives saved by reduced particulate matter emissions. The notion that coal plant particulate emissions kill people has now been totally debunked. So the Obama Clean Power Plan has absolutely no legs to stand on.

Kudos to Donald Trump and Scott Pruitt for keeping this vital campaign promise.

The leaked Federal Register proposal to repeal the Clean Power Plan is here.

Read the EPA media release.

6 thoughts on “Steve Milloy Statement on Repeal of Clean Power Plan”

  1. This is mostly a symbolic victory. Coal ain’t coming back as long as natural gas is cheaper. They may relight a few mothballed coal plants if the price is right. Fracking rocks. How’s that peak oil thing going?

  2. Ex democrat politicians continue to claim they have the science which is laughable. Why not address that glaring weakness?

  3. Ex democrat politicians continue to claim they have the science which is laughable. Why not address that glaring weakness?

  4. What a relief. Maybe now we can stop the subsidized destruction of the California deserts by industrial-scale solar projects!

    Renewable energy goals have been exceeded, to the point where the California goals are now raised to 100%. The utilities do not need and cannot use this additional energy.

    Who benefitted from the Obama Clean Power Plan? NOT the taxpayers or the ratepayers. NOT the desert residents who live downwind of the solar fields and breathe real particulates raised by the destruction of desert soils.

  5. Here in Canada we’re struggling with US funded special interest groups killing our pipelines. The takeover has been so complete that our JV Preemie Minister Justin Trudeau is now condemning “regional interests” for attempting to sow discontent by promoting pipeline construction. This is more than rich as he used these same divisive Obama-era techniques to pit neighbor against neighbor to divide the country and kill the pipelines.

    In a final irony, the Quebec provincial government built a social safety net that is the envy of the rest of the country, but not affordable anywhere outside Quebec. This Quebec safety net only exists due to annual multi-billion dollar transfer payments from oil producing Alberta to Quebec. And Quebec opposes pipeline construction. The insanity is worthy of Monty Python.

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