Air pollution mafia tries to stop Enstrom from speaking to Utah legislators

Jim Enstrom’s air quality epidemiology terrifies the junk science-fueled greens.

Last Tuesday, retired-but-still-active UCLA epidemiologist and air quality epidemiologist all-star Jim Enstrom addressed Utah’s Clean Air Caucus, a bipartisan group of Utah state legislators working on air quality issues.

Before that, though, Enstrom had to survive an effort by Utah greens to intimidate the Clean Air Caucus from listening to him. The e-mail below to Caucus members, threatening reputational damage for merely listening to Enstrom, was written by Terry Marasco, leader of the activist group, Utah Clean Air Alliance.

The good-natured Enstrom responded to Marasco as follows:

According to Enstrom, about 30 greens showed up to harass him at his presentation to the Clean Air Caucus.

We’ll keep you posted with any follow-up.

8 thoughts on “Air pollution mafia tries to stop Enstrom from speaking to Utah legislators”

  1. “The left implements speech and mind control because they know they cannot fully persuade on the issues. Silencing the opposition becomes their only recourse.” Tammy Bruce, “The New Thought Police”

  2. Nice to see them throw the race card in right at the end. Just missing an “its for the children” but they may have included that in a different email.

  3. I’m very interested in how pollution knows whether you’re a member of a minority group when affecting mortality! This idea of “intelligent” and “purpose driven” pollution fascinates me!

  4. Restricting someone’s freedom to speak or to communicate their point of view is one of the favorite tools of todays Progressive left.

  5. “Terry Marasco, Communications Coordinator for the Utah Clean Air Alliance ”

    He is not a scientist as far as i can tell. Why should we care what he says.

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