Action Alert: Recommendations for EPA’s Science Advisory Board

EPA is seeking new members for its Science Advisory Board (SAB). Public comment is requested. Here is the list of who you should recommended to EPA and who you should advise EPA to skip.

Read the Federal Register announcement with the SAB 2017 List of Candidates and their bios.

Read my recent Wall Street Journal op-ed to understand why it is important to rid SAB of its EPA cronies and to restock SAB with honest scientists.

Here are’s suggested picks and pans. Please send your recommendations to Mr. Thomas Carpenter at no later than September 28, 2017.

More biographical detail on each pick/pan is in the Invitation for Public Comment:

If you think I missed a PICK or PAN let me know.

PICKS — please recommend FOR them (in alphabetic order):

  • Richard Belzer — PhD in public policy. Cost-benefit analysis expert. Helped kill much regulation while working at the Office of Management and Budget. Familiar with all EPA shenanigans.
  • Edwin Berry — PhD physicist. Meteorologist. Climate skeptic. Honest.
  • James Bus — PhD pharmacology. Ex-Dow Chemical. The kind of scientist that made Dow Chemical the great company it was. Friend of for decades.
  • Alan Carlin — retired EPA — but the kind of EPA employee we like. Climate skeptic.
  • Tony Cox — PhD in risk analysis. Consultant. Expert in air quality epidemiology. Multiple strong publications on air quality.
  • Joe D’Aleo — Chief meteorologist at Weatherbell. Helped uncover NOAA/NASA falsification of US temperature data.
  • Kevin Dayaratna — PhD statistician with Heritage Foundation. very interested in EPA statistical shenanigans.
  • Paul Driessen — Lawyer. Science writer. Ex-green. Friend of for decades.
  • Jim Enstrom — PhD physicist. Career epidemiologist at UCLA. Author of major studies debunking EPA air quality claims. Persecuted by EPA mafia for being right on air quality.
  • Gordon Fulks — PhD astrophysicist. Climate skeptic. Nuclear power and air quality expert.
  • Michael Honeycutt — Director of Toxicology for state of Texas. PhD in toxicology. Air quality expert.
  • Craig Idso — Center for Study of CO2 Science. Phd in Geography. Climate skeptic.
  • David Legates — Professor of Climatology at University of Delaware. Past state climatologist. Climate skeptic.
  • Anthony Lupo — PHD in atmospheric science. Climate skeptic.
  • Jim Moore — Spire Energy. Extensive background across the energy space including nuclear, coal, air emissions, natural gas, energy efficiency and renewables. Jim understands how EPA science impacts Americans where they live and work. He has been working with EPA since they implemented the regulations to codify the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990.
  • Robert F. Phalen — Professor of Medicine, UC-Irvine. Co-driector at Air Pollution Health Effects Laboratory. A long-time voice of scientific sanity inside the beast.
  • Anne Smith — NERA economic consulting. Cost-benefit expert.
  • Richard Smith — PhD statistician, University of North Carolina. Co-author of the California study debunking notion that PM2.5 kills.
  • David Stevenson — Cesar Rodney Institute. Entrepreneur. Trump EPA Transition Team.
  • Leighton Steward — CO2 Coalition. Climate skeptic.
  • Donald van der Vaart — PhD environmental scientist and lawyer. Former chief of North Carolina Department of Environmental Protection.
  • Stan Young — PhD Statistican. Retired from National Institute of Statistical Sciences. Co-author of the California study debunking notion that PM2.5 kills.

PANS — please recommend AGAINST them (in alphabetic order):

  • Ana Diez Roux — Long-time EPA crony and air quality junk scientist. Conflict of interest ($34,900,315 in EPA grants). Already served on CASAC. Is currently on corrupted CASAC PM Subcommittee (2015-2018).
  • William Farland — Helped EPA railroad secondhand smoke in early 1990s. Helped EPA arrange whitewas of illegal human experimentation at National Academy of Sciences.
  • Mark Frampton — Long-time EPA crony and air quality junk scientist. Conducted illegal/unethical human experiments on behalf of EPA. Conflict of interest ($17,447,566 in EPA grants). Is already serving on corrupted CASAC PM Subcommittee (2015-2018).
  • Michael T. Kleinman — Long-time EPA/CARB crony and air quality junk scientist. Conflict of interest ($18,250,432 in EPA grants).
  • George Thurston — Long-time EPA crony and air quality junk scientist. Conflict of interest ($10,795,914 in EPA grants).

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