9 thoughts on “Sign a petition for Australia to pull out of the Paris Agreement”

  1. Bob, there’s a link in Steve’s comment – click on “Now you do it.”

    It’s an electronic petition for the US House of Representatives to request Australia pull out of the Paris Agreement.

  2. No regrets – Spend $$$ with no regrets.
    End energy poverty. Air conditioners for everyone. Go Nuclear and Gassify Coal. Develope solar and scrap wind.

  3. Very real reasons exist for this CO2 (etc) nonsense to be created, let alone be perpetuated.

    As usual, it’s all about MONEY. That UN personnel admit it’s not a ‘save the planet’ issue and all about them being the (handsomely funded) middleman to “redistribute ‘wealth'” is bad enough, but the whole pointless ‘industry’ exists – nay – profits from the scam, will see it continue.

    Politicians need demons in order to manipulate the masses – this is the big one alongside the other “guns”, ie: civilian disarmament (another UN primary objective). That issue is indeed about safety – not ours, but THEIRS!

  4. Why stop at Australia – the whole world knows this is the greatest ‘King has no clothes’ scam ever pulled, so please include my country of NZ as well.

  5. Would love to encourage Australia to sever its ties to the Paris Accord and rid its bureaucracy of climate deceivers (and chuck the “homogenized” fake temperature histories). But can’t find any way for US citizens to sign a petition in Australia.

  6. Would love to encourage Australia to purge climate deceivers from their ranks and drop out of the meaningless “Paris Accord”… but there aren’t any petitions to sign.

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