13 thoughts on “June 1, 2017 — Our Second Independence Day”

  1. ‘Kudos to all climate skeptics everywhere for all their hard work over the decades’ nails the way this story ought to have been reported and wasn’t.

  2. It was great to watch it all come together!! Thanks for all your hard work and diligence in beating back the illogical AGW machine!

  3. It was fun watching the exploding heads of the media as soon as the President saved us from the Paris accords.

    How dare he listen to the average people and those scientists who actually follow science – he is supposed to do what the Times/Post/NPR/Obamas/Clintons decree. He didn’t listen to them and they are going crazy. 🙂

  4. I respect your opinion, but this is loaded with emotionally charged terminology and opinions without real evidence. This will really struggle to be taken seriously by the scientific community without real evidence to support your claims; as opposed to opinions, assumptions and links to other peoples opinions and assumptions. Even many of the sources in this, themselves, had no reliable sources themselves.

    You have the right to your view, but i feel it wont carry any weight as a legitimate document without any science on it’s pages, in my opinion.

    Best of luck!

  5. I’ve been arguing against the AGW hypothesis for over two decades. Recently I’ve been sharing this:

    I have been very concerned about the threat the AGW (human-caused catastrophic global warming) “scientific consensus” poses for our nation’s socioeconomic health. As a response to this potential threat I have written a paper titled:

    History and Ignorance of “Sky Is Falling” Theories with Special Emphasis on Anthropogenic Global Warming

    Here is a link to the paper. If you read it and believe it has value, please pass the link on to others.


  6. Donald Trump is a phenomenon, he is a new politician that does what he says, and thanks to you Steve and the “deniers,” he listened and acted. Bravo!

  7. Kudos to you Steve. You have been a very important figure on the skeptical side for many years.

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