EPA nominee Pruitt doubles down on climate skepticism

“EPA administrator nominee Scott Pruitt yesterday sent 242 pages of responses to questions from Democratic senators, doubling down on his stances that the severity of climate change is up for debate and that the agency he would run has overstepped its congressional mandate.”

Read E&E News coverage.

Read Pruitt’s 242-page response to the Senate EPW Committee questions.

Read the Senate EPW media release.

4 thoughts on “EPA nominee Pruitt doubles down on climate skepticism”

  1. You all are clueless on EPA. Congress created regulation. Remember people thought the earth flat too. Why do you demonize EPA staff?

  2. I think to fix the EPA would be change the law and take the control out of regulators hands and put debate back into Congress.

  3. Looks like a transcript of the hearing.

    Pruitt “Singles down”. Junk Media, is all you’ve proven of yourselves.

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