Claim: Atlantic current could collapse in… 350 years

So become a communist while supplies last.

Self-debunking nonsense. Models used to make unverifiable predictions.

The media release is below — note highlighted portion.


Warming Climate Could Cause a Major Current in the Atlantic Ocean to Collapse

A new modeling study predicts that centuries of doubled atmospheric CO2 could cause the collapse of a major Atlantic current, producing dramatically different climate effects than previous models have anticipated. The analysis corrects for biases in current climate models that predict greenhouse gas forcing to drive only moderate changes to the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC), a current that carries oceanic heat northward and is a key component of climate change estimates. Existing models favor a stable AMOC, though evidence suggests that the modern AMOC is unstable and will further weaken as global warming continues. In an effort to reassess AMOC fluctuation, Wei Liu and colleagues conducted parallel experiments using two versions of the same climate model: a control run without bias correction and a bias-adjusted run, both with doubled CO2. Their adjusted model reflected a more accurate measure of AMOC stability by incorporating a different “stability indicator”; the previously-used indicator neglected the freshwater transport between the Atlantic and Arctic, the researchers say. Based on these conditions, the corrected model forecasted distinct climate changes compared to the control run – including a projected AMOC breakdown 300 years after a CO2 doubling – followed by a sweeping reduction in temperatures over the northern Atlantic, sea ice expansion in the Northern Hemisphere and a significant southward rain-belt migration over the tropical Atlantic. The results highlight the importance of identifying and reducing model biases in future climate projections.

6 thoughts on “Claim: Atlantic current could collapse in… 350 years”

  1. Probably, these who predict the fate of the Atlantic, have in their hands a powerful means for the destruction of the planet and also because they want to intimidate civilization.

  2. 350 years. They always predict far enough in the future so their failed prophecies are hopefully forgotten.

  3. I’m sure the study says (cough, cough) but I’m left feeling a bit in the dark. Doubling of CO2 from WHICH baseline number? Is that from the anemic 280 ppm that the century started at, or the 400 ppm it is now (still 160 ppm short of doubling), or are we talking about CO2 levels in the 3000 ppm range of 100 million years ago?

  4. “Science” that predicts things that will happen long into the future when no one currently alive will be around, and the prediction long forgotten when the alleged time comes, is the consummate example of pure, unadulterated JUNK !

  5. Himmm, if the Atlantic conveyor collapses then the end of the current interglacial period would end and …. as proposed since the 1960s …. The next ice age starts.

    So much for the runaway green house.

  6. I can only think of one word that sums up this fantasy (the protagonists call research) CRAP

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