21 thoughts on “Steve Milloy a ‘Top 10 Climate Denier’”

  1. The list should be entitled:

    “Ten people you definitely do not want to debate regarding global warming, climate change or climate science.”

  2. Fame at last – included in a list of level-headed luminaries. I think I’ll get that page printed as a poster, to fit in somehow between all the “Weather isn’t climate” ones, and the big full-colour one of Al Gore’s contra-rotating tropical storms.

    I now scrupulously turn off my phone charger when not in use. ££££££s off my bill, and doing my bit to save the planet. Every little helps, ya know.

  3. Every time I read of “denier” I think of sheer silk stockings and the susurration of them as they cross.
    Please stop using that naughty word.

  4. That is really quite a complement – as others have said. You made the list of some very intelligent, well informed, thoughtful people. WELL DONE

  5. Congradulations, an unqualified movie actor is trying to demonize you. Don’t lose any sleep.

  6. Well Steve you wouldn’t want someone like DeCaprio saying anything good about you, that would be an insult.

  7. Climate Denier, what a use-less word, it mean nothing and should just be laugh at, but speaking of be Denier , why do social justice warrior, flip and play the Denier card, when it come to, Gender /Identity, talk about a boat load of Junk Science, or no Science at all, then come to Gender /Identity,

    1. 25 Biological Differences Between Men And Women That Aren’t Commonly Known: Gender Identity Debunked,

    2.50 REAL Differences Between Men & Women, Gender Identity Debunked,

    3.Scientific Study Explains The Difference Between Men and Women’s Brains, Gender Identity Debunked, Again!

    4.Difference Between Men and Women | Lifestyle, Gender Identity Debunked, Again!

    5.Top 10 Differences between Men and Women: Gender Identity Debunked, Again!

    So in the end Gender/ Identity is nothing more then , just hoopla and nonsense. to find more vid’s , here you go, https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=Differences+between+Men+and+Women

  8. so a guy who flies around in his private jet and lives in houses several times larger than needed for a family of twelve while burning enough electricity to power my little suburb tells me I’m the cause of fictional AGW. Yeah. Sure. I think I’ll go start up my F-150 and let it run for awhile. Maybe instead of 20 below zero this winter I can force it up to just 19 below.

  9. That is a real badge of honor. A statement like that from someone as loony as Leonardo de Crapio shows how weak his Base really is. It seems that the less education you have, the more dramatic your statements can be from a celebrity.

  10. Lennie is referred to as “DiCraprio” in Alberta for claiming that Chinooks are due to global warming.

  11. Well, for shame Milloy.

    And…..Uh…..By the way…..Just how is it exactly that one “denies climate.”

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