6 thoughts on “106-Year-Old Photo Makes Global Warming Alarmists Think Twice About Paris Floods”

  1. It was the “comin’ o’ th’ Lawd” in those days that made “this crazy weather”. After that, it was “atomic testing”. It then became “little green men in their flying saucers”. From there it was a “coming ice age” promoted to “global warming”. It is now “climate change” to cover all eventualities. I blame the Indians: We never had “this crazy weather” ’till they started using those damned bows and arrows!

  2. Summer heat locally is not the same as annual heat globally. Peaks of local heat caused because they were generated over dark dry soil are not impossible in the northern hemisphere. The entire planet gets physically closer to the Sun after July 4th. We are closest roundabout Jan 4th (our perihelion )and in the previous months, even the lower levels of energy being received from our cooling low sunspot sun can still heat inland areas which are dry because of the lower rainfall.This will have been due to diminished solar energy planet Earth is receiving from our currently low-sunspot Sun We are presently at the Goldilocks distance from our star and get more or less enough energy in all forms from it to be able to survive from Ice age to Ice Age without the back up reserve of heat afforded us by our magmatic heat is a moot point among scientist whose university professors ran their colours up the wrong flagpole when the theory of continental drift was proposed. I remember pointing out my geography master roughly 52 years ago, the intriguing similarity between the jutting coast of South America at the Venezuelan bit and the big dent in Nigeria. I would like to have been listening to oil explorers as they all slapped their foreheads and gasped OF COURSE!! Sadly, all HE said was that it was just a coincidence that it had been pointed out many times before. My father was in Venezuela before I was born and was at an oil multinational in a minor administrative position. The oil industry in Nigeria was fully functional too. Had oilmen already made that leap of intuition and used it? Who knows? There is no change brought about by Carbon Dioxide, there is no possibility. It is water in all it’s phases that laps up the infra red that was light before it struck dry dark soil and got transformed into the heat which the warmists are bleating about. In 1982 on the 28th of October a copy of The New Scientist had an article on page 228. You might care to read it.

  3. I’m wondering if my conversion (meters to feet) is wrong. I get that 8.6 meters is roughly 28.22 feet, not “…roughly 20 feet”!

  4. The peak level of the Seine in June 2016 was 6.1 m against 8.6 m in 1910, meaning 2.5 m (8 ft) less !
    Paris is a quite flat town along the river and that means a very different situation. Basically the river remained where it should be, between its walls. Only the quays were flooded for a few days.

  5. Of course, in those days they just had weather, not climate change, and certainly not anthropogenic climate change……Hahaha……..
    BTW, 8.6 meters is 28 feet, 2.6 inches……..

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