There never was a “hole in the ozone”: That was “a practice run for global warming”

I heard Al Gore say in January 2006 that the point of the Montreal Protocol was NOT to save the ozone layer but to show that a global environmental treaty was possible.


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5 thoughts on “There never was a “hole in the ozone”: That was “a practice run for global warming””

  1. Ozone doesn’t absorb UV, O2 does and forms O3 as a byproduct. Destroying ozone actually increases UV absorption.

  2. The other “inconvenient fact” is that chloroflourocarbons are 8 times heaver than air and were used almost exclusively in the Northern Hemisphere. So how does a substance that is 8 times heavier than air, cross 4 air circulation zones, go to the South Pole (where the air circulation is down) and rise to the ionosphere to “create a hole in the ozone layer”?

  3. The ozone layer does thin every year over the South Pole due to being sheltered from the sun’s radiation during the winter months. The radiation generates Ozone from oxygen and during the winter months the ozone deteriorates faster than the radiation can make it. Gore et al seized this simple truth of science to further their propaganda.

  4. Ooo! Ooo! Can we prosecute ethics violations deniers? Huh? Can we? Can we please? huh? Can we?

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