4 thoughts on “Sen. Inhofe accuses AGs of ‘misuse of power’ for probe into climate-change dissent”

  1. Exxon needs to immediately acquire full title to all of the oil product receiving and distributing facilities in the U.S.Virgin Islands and then randomly shut them down, preferably on week days during the hours that the Ag’s office is open for business.
    Wouldn’t want to mess up the tourist business dontcha’ know.

  2. If these AG’s were told they could rule the US as dictators without any chance of future repercussions with the caveat that it would mean torturing and killing off their political enemies, they would take it in a second.
    That’s always the way the left rolls.
    Conservatives would take a pass and would opt for the democratic way things work now.

  3. Another proof of the axiom: Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely. I would hope that Exxon and others similarly affected by this kind of obscene power play can find a rational (i.e. not bought and paid for by Obama, Hilary, and friends) Judge to quash the subpoena with prejudice.

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