3 thoughts on “Peabody coal’s contrarian scientist witnesses lose their court case”

  1. Claims they were not paid for their work “on this case”.

    I will bet they already were paid through government and foundation grants for their ‘science’, and their testimony was essential to keeping the $ flowing. The expert-witnesses were thus actually the plaintiffs in this case.

  2. Obviously, “The Guardian” is using this post as a surreptitious means of getting me to click on their website. ALL the links above direct to “The Guardian”. I’m simply pointing out some FACTS. A “reasonable social cost of carbon” is an arbitrary construct, a social FICTION. I don’t want to see “globalization” imposed by a bunch of commie-socialist greenies, anymore than I want to see “globalization” imposed by the “GREG B.’s” – the Global Ruling Elites & Global Banksters. Both the so-called “right” & “left” want to restrict human freedom, one by corporate economic means, the other by imaginary “social good”. Both require large, centralized, domineering Governments. Without wasting more time than I choose to, I have no way of judging how “good” Dr.’s Spencer, Happer, & Lindzen are….

  3. Far too many Administrative Court “Judges” are shyster attorneys who have enough political connections to be able to get an appointment to a cushy position where they can slurp from the public trough.

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