Enviros to announce lawsuit against Exxon for ‘climate deceit’

You can dial in to the conference call.

CLF to Hold Press Conference Announcing Landmark Lawsuit Against ExxonMobil

WHAT: Conservation Law Foundation (CLF) president Bradley Campbell will hold a press conference in which he will announce a major lawsuit against ExxonMobil for its decades-long climate deceit. This is the first lawsuit of its kind since revelations last September that ExxonMobil has engaged in a deliberate cover-up of sound climate science for over thirty years. Campbell will be joined by local residents and leaders from Chelsea Green Space and the Mystic River Watershed Association. Following the press conference, members of the press are invited to join CLF and partners on a short boat tour of the Mystic in order to see the issues firsthand.

WHEN: Tomorrow, Tuesday, May 17, 2016. The press conference will begin at 1:30pm and the half-hour boat tour will begin at 2pm.

WHERE: Commoncove, 305 Commandants Way, Chelsea, MA. For those unable to attend the press conference in-person, you can call into the conference at 855-596-0282 (conference ID: 5887322).

3 thoughts on “Enviros to announce lawsuit against Exxon for ‘climate deceit’”

  1. The National Academy of Sciences has been far less than candid about the SUN at the very top of the energy chain in the solar system for seventy years (1946-2016)

    Here is a link to the proof-reader’s copy of the article on “Solar energy” published yesterday in the International Journal of Education & Research.


    Comments, criticisms or corrections will be appreciated. They have also been requested from NAS President RALPH CICERONE, RS President PAUL NURSE, Nature’s editor, PHILIP CAMPBELL and the UN Secretaey General, BAN KI-MOON

    Oliver K. Manuel

  2. It’s time for Exxon to sue all of these enviro-terrorists for launching junk lawsuits. I think all they need show is the cartoon to the right to prove enviros have no idea what will happen in the near future much less 100 years from now when most of us will not be alive. Ah the next post shows someone is fighting back.

  3. Too bad for Exxon that they did not refute the lies every step of the way.
    Big corporations have accepted and repeated the false premises of the environMENTALists, to their own detriment.

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