7 thoughts on “Zika is coming”

  1. Seems to me Zika is yet another scare story like SARs to get people all worked up so government funding can get goosed.

    Zika causes a mild cold, nothing to worry about – the scare about babies with small brains has not been proven and shown to happen only in Brazil when Zika is all over central America. Could the microcephaly be a coincidence, overblown, or even made up? Hmm.

  2. Piles of old and used tires are excellent venues for mosquitoes. If there are spraying programmes, we risk what is left of butterflies and other pollinators.

  3. What should happen is that our jying ecoterrorists should be prosecuted for lying to congress and widespread spraying of mosquitoses should be instituted immediately. DDT is the most cost effective and least toxic chemical ever produced. Rachael Carlson’s book was nothing but lies and half truths with entemologists testifying before congress and congress ignoring the truth in favor of eco-alarmists sky is falling fantasy fears. Millions have died as the result of fantasy fears. Now when it appears the USA might suffer from the same diseases the rest of the “poorer nations” have been suffering for years, there is fear and panic. The lack of science based decisions made and perpetuated by ignorant eco-alarmists is causing the suffering and deaths of millions.

  4. Calls for EPA and HUD are prominent in the article yet not one mention of the Office of the Surgeon General or the National Health Service, the ones with the historical experience and expertise to deal with any pathogen with mosquitoes as a primary vector.
    Could there possibly [IMO most likely] be a political/financial agenda driving this article?

  5. Right on, tadchem….When I was a kid in Fiji all stagnant water and even streams had over them a can of oil with a small hole in it so the oil could drip onto the water surface…….
    Of course we also had aerosol cans of DDT with [Gasp] halocarbon propellant to spray inside the [mosquito-proof] house…….

  6. Mosquito larvae can be killed by a thin layer of oil on the water – it clogs their snorkels and they suffocate. It can be biodegradeable oil (a more valuable application of ‘biodeisel’ in terms of lives saved), non-volatile oil (silicone, which will last far longer on breeding pools), or regular petroleum oil (cheapest). They will all work, but not as efficiently or effectively as DDT.

  7. We always hear “drain any standing water to prevent spread of mosquitoes. But a very large and overlooked source of standing water is flat roofs on buildings. Where I worked, I climbed up to the roof one day and it looked like a lake with several small round islands in it. The islands? The roof drains.

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