4 thoughts on “Utility seeks to raise electricity prices 10% in Maryland because of ‘smart’ meters”

  1. ksuek/Bill – I live in Texas, a VERY Republican controlled state, in Houston and about 3 years ago I came home to a brand new ‘smart’ meter. They did not even warn us it was coming. I had no option at all. They came on my property, through a locked gate to make the change. Then about a month ago, I was blessed with a new ‘smart’ water meter as well. Again, no warning – no options, they just did it. So it matters not who is in power, the result is the same.

  2. The smart meters are a joke. One of the cheapest things at a utility is meter reading. They were basically minimum wage to 10/hours. It cost something like 20 cents a month to read the meter. That is beans compared to an average bill of $150/month.

    I live in Houston and we all got smart meters about 5 years ago. I believe it was a $5/month charge for three years (?).

  3. You choose to live in a Democrat controlled state, you lose. Please do not move to a Republican controlled state and bring your ideas for the perfect society with you.

  4. Installation of these “smart” meters was all but forced on us Maryland residents. To opt out, there was a $70 one time “fee” and then an additional $11 added to each month’s bill if you opted to keep the old meter. Now, there is an increase if you couldn’t afford to opt out? This is called getting screwed no matter what you do.

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