3 thoughts on “Republican Donor Backs Clean Energy Senators With Digital Campaign”

  1. You can add Hydro-Power to the list of true “green energy” sources that actually are economically viable.
    Hydro also represents the only practical method for large scale storage of energy generated from wind/solar, but is inherently inefficient because of the necessity to pump large volumes of water uphill.

  2. You can’t fix stupid.
    Eliminate all subsidies for all energy, and for that matter for everything.
    Congress operates with bipartisanship, which means I agree that you can spend tax dollars for your pet project and you agree that I can spend them on my project, to show constituents how we are bringing back federal money to our district. Those who need money for renewable energy get it while those who need it for carbon capture and sequestration get it, despite the fact that these are all and will continue to be failed technologies that will forever need subsidies, grants, tax advantages, etc. Instead of a market of cheap energy all done with private money, we get one with heavy government regulation and in constant need of tax dollars.
    Anyway, this has nothing to do with the environment, and everything to do with control and cronyism.

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