6 thoughts on “Mosquitos debunk global warming concern for Zika”

  1. It is axiomatic among the Progressives that “Pesticides = Bad”, with no regard for the consequences of the failure to use pesticides.
    Add the axiom “Preventable Diseases = Worse”.

  2. nofluer: Just so ya know, grasses are wind pollonators, as ar all plants native to the Americas: Wheat, corn, barley etc. Invasive plant species need invasive insects to produce at optimum levels.

  3. “Why aren’t we spraying”? Well… maybe someone somewhere knows that mosquitoes are critical pollinators of many grasses and other important plants. But hey! Why do we need pollinators? Kill them off and let the ground dry up and let animals (and people) starve. Non-plant life is vastly over-rated anyway.

  4. “Mosquitoes don’t need warm conditions to survive.” They have always been thickest in Alaska.

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