5 thoughts on “LNTgate: How scientific misconduct by the U.S. national Academy of Sciences led to governments adopting the LNT for cancer risk assessment”

  1. The US National Academy of Sciences bears primary responsibility for misusing science as a tool to deceive the American public. For that same reason many messages to the Climate Skeptics groups have been copied directly to the President of the US NAS (National Academy of Sciences), Ralph Cicerone and to the UK’s RS (Royal Society) President, Paul Nurse.

    The US NAS reviews annual budgets of research agencies for Congress and uses that authority to promote “junk science” as “consensus scientific evidence” for tyrannical policies.

  2. Is it just me, or does the excerpt concerning Chinese emissions appear irrelevant to the LT referenced in the title?

  3. So they recruited a lot of old people, used no controls for any previous exposure to possible carcinogens (pesticides on raw food, some Chinese people have been lifelong heavy smokers, etc.), apparently no control group of people with little or no exposure (for example those who dwell on the steppes of Inner and Outer Mongolia), and ASSUMED that all cancers were connected with PM 2.5 exposure.
    I knew 60 years ago that old people have a much higher death rate from cancer because they didn’t die of something else sooner. Hardly an unbiased sample…

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