IARCgate: UN agency trying to silence blogger exposing conspiracy to label pesticide as cancer-causing

From Risk-Monger blogger, David Zaruk:

I am sending you this message to ask for help. Today my host media company was forced to take down a blog I had written last week on the growing scandal within IARC – the WHO agency on cancer research. They are not informing me of who pressured. See a copy of the blog in attachment but please don’t publish it in its form (I’m told there are legal issues).

The IARC scandal is a challenge for science, scientific institutions, public policy, conflicts of interest, and now, journalistic freedom. I need your help to get this news out. Some basic points of the scandal:

  • IARC employed an activist from the Environmental Defense Fund, Christopher Portier, to chair the Advisory Committee to propose its study on glyphosate – Portier then served as the Working Group technical adviser. On both occasions, IARC tried to hide Portier’s affiliation with the NGO.
  • The IARC glyphosate monograph has been widely rejected by the scientific community, including EFSA and the German BfR that manages the glyphosate risk assessment dossier for the European Commission.
  • For the last year, IARC has defended Portier’s campaigning to ban glyphosate and are joining him in attacking the credibility of EFSA and the BfR. Members of IARC have been giving interviews and speeches declaring that EFSA has a conflict of interest
  • The last blog, that has been taken down, shows how IARC had peddled their story on an anti-industry, anti-pesticide freelance journalist writing for Le Monde.

Article just after the IARC glyphosate publication: http://risk-monger.blogactiv.eu/2015/03/31/iarcs-glyphosate-publication-another-organisation-captured-by-ngo-activist-shills/

Article after the melt-down between IARC and the scientific community: http://risk-monger.blogactiv.eu/2016/03/21/iarcs-unprofessional-and-unethical-behaviour-time-to-retract-their-glyphosate-monograph/

3 thoughts on “IARCgate: UN agency trying to silence blogger exposing conspiracy to label pesticide as cancer-causing”

  1. Commenting on my effort to get leaders of the UN, the US NAS and UK’s RS to read, and Nature to review and publish “Solar energy” [Nature’s tracking number NCLIM­16030433],

    https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/10640850/Solar_Energy.pdf . . .

    a senior European geo-ethicist privately warned the UN and leaders of the scientific community may prefer “an irrational international incident” to public admission of abuse of government science for the past seventy years (1946-2016).

    I assume the geo-ethicist is wrong, but I am still puzzled by the lack of a response.

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