2 thoughts on “GOP Senate passes energy ‘modernization’ bill declaring wood-burning CO2 neutral”

  1. Burning wood to heat homes IS “carbon neutral” – the process is: a tree uses carbon to grow (absorbs CO2), the home owner cuts the tree down and burns it, releasing no more carbon (CO2) than the tree absorbed while growing. ie net carbon neutral.

    Not that it matters at all since the whole AGW thing is a total scam with absolutely NO real science in it.

  2. Such a deal we have for you: The EPA is more qualified than Congress to determine which fuel sources may be carbon neutral. Don’t we wish it was true?

    It seems to me that the EPA has ruled that wood that is used to heat homes polluting and is not carbon neutral but now Congress has apparently determined that to convert the energy contained in wood to electricity which, I assume, is sent via transmission lines to be used by the same homes for heating would be non-polluting and would be carbon neutral? Ain’t they dumb — ain’t they dumb — oh, my God, ain’t they dumb? Harvard and Yale grads?

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