6 thoughts on “‘Fractivists’ Increase Pressure on Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in New York”

  1. Allen. In California where I have lived 70 years, anything a 3 or lower is not even mentioned or felt to the majority of people here.
    I lived on top of one fault that produced a 5.2 that was felt by everyone close.

  2. Rocdoctom is absolutely correct. I was both a land owner (no well) and part of an environmental committee that looked into this for our county in PA in the Marcellus Shale region. Economy upgraded in a very rural area. Upstate New Yorkers are sick of liberals defecating on their economy.

  3. It is not the hydraulic fracturing per se; it is the disposal of produced water that is the culprit–if one culprit needs to be fingered. And remember it is the NYT…not known for facts when it comes to demonizing the fossil fuel industry.

  4. I agree Acetech. But something else doesn’t smell right either. Every earthquake in the world or the US the location and depth of the epicenter is always reported in every form of media–except– in Oklahoma where fracking is blamed for the rash of quakes. Most epicenters range from 5 miles to >ten below the surface. Most oil wells are less than 3 miles in depth.

  5. It’s my understanding that the depth of fracturing is far below the level of water storage that humans consume.
    Nothing so needs reforming as other people’s habits.

  6. Fracking…proper term is hydraulic fracturing
    So the technology that moved the USA into near self-sufficiency re oil production is now the bad guy. Those who are filling their SUV’s at half the cost of a few years ago should be praising hydraulic fracturing, not demonizing it. Oh, my mistake, that doesn’t fit the narrative.

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