2 thoughts on “Food nanny WaPo assails The Bern for not wanting to tax sugar”

  1. For “universal preschool”?

    How about the parents take responsibility for the children that they made.

    Why should taxpayers pay the baby sitting services for irresponsible welfare parents who more than likely already have too many children.

  2. Sugar has been a government subsidized crop for decades.
    If one bureaucratic department tries to tax the product that another department is subsidizing you have the setup for a lawsuit to implode one department or the other. Big government can’t allow that to happen, particularly with a product that is produced by Monsanto, [in this case corn used to produce sweetener in the form of corn syrup] a deep pocket political donor.
    So the evil sugary sweet soda, sweetened with corn syrup, becomes the villain.
    In my perfect world a study would be published demonstrating a link between long term fluoridation of the water supply and the increasing amount of obesity in the US population. That would send the food nazis into an absolute tail chasing spin.
    On Sander’s “Big mistake”; the author of the article is mistaking a symptom of the big socialist government mentality [in the form of a soda tax] tax everything mindset with a specific policy designed to achieve a specific outcome.

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