4 thoughts on “Cruz refuses to soften on climate in exchange for campaign contribution”

  1. I hope this is true. I personally urged Cruz to join forces with Trump because . . .

    Nothing will change unless the next President takes control of government policies away from the US National Academy of Sciences.

    This problem exists despite the specific warning from President Eisenhower about this threat in his farewell address to the nation on 17 JAN 1961.

  2. What people hate about Cruz is not only that he holds to his principles but that he is smart enough to defend them and show that those who challenge him do not do so from a factual basis. That is why all attacks against him are personal.
    He does not believe in human caused climate change, not because he is emotionally attached to do so, but because models are all incorrect and the satellite data show no warming for 18+ years.

  3. From the outside looking in, its a hard philosophical call between Trump and Cruz (lets not even talk about the rest)
    Trump has made the average American wake up and smell the coffee.
    Cruz ‘show me the facts’ has shown that ‘principle’ is alive and well .

  4. Sabin was doing the hustling and the NYT was taking a shot at Cruz’s credibility.

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