6 thoughts on “An Overheated Climate Alarm”

  1. Possibly off topic, but i will quote what I wrote on Breitbart:

    “Absurd that they consider a particle that comes from everywhere and everyone, a pollutant (CO2). Sustainability is worthless, everyting is leak back up into the atmosphere and soil so blaming volkswagen is also just silly. All this events are boiling me.

    The Pathology Behind The Climate Change Movement (A few Interesting tips i like here)

    Amazon is just a great example, of why Greenes shouldn’t be screaming. Right now, we’re finding new potential species the more we go into the Amazon, including new tribes and their first contact with the outside world, we probably haven’t found half of what this planet has to offer other than taking pretty pictures with satellites about Earth, and they want to compare Earth with the size of Mars? Besides, cutting down ancient forests is good because they won’t consume more CO2 than they already consume, they rather become deposits of CO2. This is all good for business and the environment.”

    A *doomer* is one who believes that problems of ecological overshoot, such as over population, climate change, pollution and especially peak oil, will cause the collapse of industrial civilization, and, a significant human population die-off. 🙂

  2. If all 7 billion of us moved to Canada and America (app. 20 million Sq km), the resulting density would be 350 people /Sq km, less than the Netherlands, and that country is one of the the largest food exporters in Europe,and largely rural.

  3. Craig, I heard that the entire population of the world would fit in Texas if the population density of New York city was maintained.
    People just don’t realize how big the earth is. The press does not give the actual numbers for how much humans can do. Stopping CO2 would make a 0.006% change in the earth’s average temp. Who defines what the earth’s temperature should be? Government regulations have killed millions of people with no improvement because of regulations.

    “Don’t go around thinking the earth owes you a living, it was here first.” Mark Twain

  4. Environmental groups believe that the planet has a maximum capacity for humans of between 100 million to 1 billion, there are now 7 billion of us. They want get to get rid of 85-99% of us, this is difficult to do by “saving” lives, somebody has to die, unfortunately the truth of their desires makes for lousy fundraising propaganda. Starvation is the ticket, drive up the price of fuel and food, destroy the grid and cause advanced economies to crash trying to prepare for heat when it is cooling that is dangerous.

  5. Humans evolved in a warm climate. High temperatures are easier to cope with. I wonder how the warmers would do without coal or oil. How many would survive winter with just solar panels and wind power for warmth.
    Far more people die from cold than heat.

  6. The laws of nature are what they are. Reality is what reality is. Each truth is what it is. Each truth is a part of the whole truth. The sum of all truths: The whole truth equals the one reality. Reality and truth can be adjudicated ONLY by the laws of nature.

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