Researcher: Trees threaten people

Irish chemist validates Ronald Reagan’s warning about trees.

Translated from Dutch (

Trees threaten people

CORK – Trees not only provide fresh air, they also pose a danger by the emission of carbon compounds. Innocent along schooling species like cedar, eucalyptus and pine are the very cities in danger. Ie they emit high concentrations of carbon compounds, which when mixed with eg exhaust creates highly toxic air.

Chemist John Wenger College in Cork, Ireland discovered that trees produce an enormous amount of ozone along with cars and the sun. Ozone, says Wenger charged Thursday in connection with the man in the newspaper The Irish Times destroying cells, impair lung function and causing heart problems. Ozone is also toxic to plants.

Emissions of toxic air can certainly be not only returned to power plants or diesel engines, according to the chemist. 90 percent of carbon emissions According to him the expense of the natural vegetation.

6 thoughts on “Researcher: Trees threaten people”

  1. Isn’t Google great? Anything can be rendered into completely incoherent English, causing your brain to wring itself out trying to make sense of it. But I agree that trees are dangerous and we should chop them all down. I’ll start with the neighbours’ maples, that cover my car with sticky spray in the spring, and send their children to put down roots in my flower beds.

  2. Vancouver BC occasionally suffers from smog comparable to anything L.A. can produce for much the same reason.

    Trees = bad? Time for more paper products, I guess. . . said no eco-terrorist ever.

  3. The Great Smoky Mountains look smoky because of the VOCs released by the trees. They have *always* looked smoky.
    The Great Smokies are part of an International Biosphere Reserve with the largest old growth forest east of the Mississippi River, one of the most diverse ecosystems in North America, the largest spruce-fir forest of its kind, the densest black bear population in the Eastern United States, and the most diverse salamander population outside of the tropics.
    Frankly, I feel more endangered by trees when I go for a walk and get assaulted by low-hanging limbs.

  4. Ozone is a favorite boogeyman, but it has a half life of about 30 minutes before it breaks down into oxygen.

  5. I’ve also discovered that trees are very dangerous to humans in the form of falling on them, also if humans fall from trees wall trying to climb them.

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