3 thoughts on “New York City salt warning law temporarily halted”

  1. The bureaucratic mindset is amazing! Don’t eat the item with the black triangle, but the burrito with only 2299 mg Na is perfectly fine! I’ll have two. If you’re going to make a fuss about the sodium content, put the amount on the menu next to the item, and let everyone make up their own mind.

  2. If this is allowed to stand many “ethnic” restaurants are going to have difficulties, particularly those with Mexican Food menus.
    I’ve followed a low salt diet for many years and have developed an awareness to more than normal salt intake. Most Mexican Menus have a high amount of salt in their beans and their rice dishes, as well as certain sauces. They could easily reduce the salt content by 10% to 25% but the ones preparing the food are so used to the taste of high salt foods that they can’t taste the overwhelming salt flavor that is evident to those who restrict their salt intake.

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