5 thoughts on “Murray Energy Corporation Responds to Hillary Clinton’s Statement That “We’re Gonna Put a Lot of Coal Miners and Coal Companies Outta Business””

  1. There goes the United Mine Workers vote.
    That should be enough to strip the AFL/CIO vote away as well, which should also pull the Teamsters vote.
    Looks like the only union votes she can count on are the Service Employee Unions and the various Government Employee Unions.
    The socialist/libs are demonstrating that they are no friends to skilled labor or traditional labor unions, but are actively working to destroy the jobs these union members hold.

  2. Isn’t it really strange how little understanding the parasitoidic fat cats in Washington have of the sources and methods of producing the money that affords them the opportunity to fat cat it and to grow their fat worthless asses even fatter and even more worthless? Hey, Bimbo Clinton. The money that affords you your lifestyle is produced by private sector economy energy using economic endeavors. No energy, no money and no sitting on your fat ass. Comprende’? Sheesh, but lawyers sure are ignorant people.

  3. The coal miners are just little people. They don’t count to those that live on the coasts. “LET THEM EAT CAKE” as a noted French queen once said shortly before she lost her head.

  4. When is someone going to look into WHY Clinton is even permitted to run for president of the United States? She’s being investigated by the FBI. She’s a liar, a fraud, a wishy-washy person. HOW?! Doesnt matter, you wont win anyway. And if you do, you’ll be in handcuffs faster than you can sit your sorry fat ass down in that very same oval office chair that your husband got his blowjob in. Nice thought, eh? Forgot about that one?

  5. Anger toward politicians and pseudo-scientists that deceived us after the end of WWII is justified, but dangerous. Nature Climate Change has now allowed submission and assigned tracking number NCLIM­16030433 to the paper on “Solar energy.”


    May the next President adopt the recommendation in the conclusion: Forgive those who deceived us for the past sixty-nine years for being human and move as quickly as possible to restore integrity to government science and constitutional limits on governments.”

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