4 thoughts on “Mitt Romney flip-flops on climate (again)”

  1. Pseudo-scientists and politicians fall all over themselves trying to ignore that the Creator’s fingerprints are indelibly recorded in precise rest masses of 3,000 atoms that compromise all matter.


    Ancient scriptures described well the FORCE that leaders of modern religions, nations and scientific communities have tried to hide from the public for the past 70 years.

  2. Romney once again reveals himself as a liberal. When running for the Presidency, he pretended otherwise. Who knows what Trump is?

  3. I think Trump is a pragmatist who is neither totally conservative nor totally liberal but who, like a chameleon, can appear to be either — or both — whichever he thinks a particular situation requires. Gee, he may even be learning to speak with a forked tongue like the professional politicians who think they’re the nation’s political parties and maybe even the governmental gift of the gods.

    I think many patriotic American Citizens see a vote for Trump as a metaphoric “shooting of a bird” to our two party crony socialist political duopoly. Yay for the Donald. You go, dude.

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