3 thoughts on “Kasich: Global warming a ‘problem’”

  1. Dissent is the cutting edge of science. The US National Academy of Sciences destroyed the very foundation of science by eliminating dissent and then bragging about “97% consensus.

    Regretfully, false pride and blind arrogance prevented the US National Academy of Sciences from seeing the stupidity of that claim and the validity of criticism from the National Association of Scholars:


  2. Kasich’s campaign goals can be summed up in one sentence, “I will do whatever the Democrats tell me to do.”

  3. Back in 1993 I watched Kasich battled the Dems in the House Ways & Mean Committee Meetings. At that time I thought he had promise as a President-in-waiting.
    I think he is listening to his Parish Priest and his Pope-the-Dope. “Religion is opiate of the Masses.”

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