5 thoughts on “European businesses make billions from free carbon quotas”

  1. You think this is bad…why do you think the US and other governments have permitted ‘Bit Coins” to exist. You can’t ax them, can’t trace them…the government use them to pay off people with no traces and it will ultimately be a lead into an all electronic one world currency where you will not be able to save discreetly. Your government will know everything about what you buy and where you go…it will make what is happening now look like total anarchy in comparison.

  2. Any gov’t run activity that hands out money will be rorted/scammed/cheated/ripped-off/ …

  3. I never cease to be amazed how much nonsense is being perpetuated by ignorami politicians who keep blaming CO2 foe Global Warming instead of H2O.

  4. “Wait a tic … blimey, this redistribution of wealth is trickier than I thought!” – ‘Dennis Moore’ (Monty Python’s Flying Circus, Episode 37)

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