5 thoughts on “Environmental Activists Take to Local Protests for Global Results”

  1. Once again, paid for protesters, that are totally clueless as to the implications of their actions. They are irresponsible uneducated progressive democratic lemmings. Ask anyone of them how much study and time they have put into the issue, of ‘climate change’, and I would bet not a one has spent anytime learning the facts – they just do as they are told – thus lemmings. So sad.

  2. I’ll believe they are serious when they start protesting in China India and Russia – places where they know they will be thrown in jail or worse. These people are basically gutless because they only protest in countries which are democracies.

  3. Will these protestors help by showing us the way , going everywhere on foot and on horseback, and by canoe and rowboat? Use non-paraffin wax candles for light and blankets for warmth? We must not burn anything for heat, carbon dioxide pollution, you know.

  4. There is no doubt we have loons and crackpots on both sides of the debate. I am aware there were a number of studies retracted over past 2 years or so on GMOs being dangerous, and some of these credentialed scientists were very biased. On the other side there was the FDA hiding the fact that a large number of its own scientists had legitimate concerns over GMOs that the FDA suppressed until court cases forced them to share their files. There are a number of well designed studies not retracted that show the risks posed by GMOs, and of course an increasing number of doctors, plant biologists/botanists, geneticists, and ecologists finding finding such risks, or at the very least questioning the studies that sya they are so safe.


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