10 thoughts on “AG Loretta Lynch Testifies: Justice Department Has ‘Discussed’ Civil Legal Action Against Climate Change Deniers”

  1. Not quite Steve, the people running the government are. Slight difference. As I always like to tell my disaffected acquaintances who voted for the Bamster, “elections have consequences”.

  2. Basic ignorance — they are not carbon emissions but rather carbon dioxide emissions cause by the chemical process called oxidation.
    Prove scientifically that the carbon dioxide causes health problems, not with demographics which is the hideout of the Left.

  3. Thank goodness this lot will be gone soon and lets hope the ‘Ds’ are left out in the cold.

  4. Just trying to use the bogus theory to control the population. That’s why it was created. Put me on the denier list as one who believes Lynch and Obama are criminals having violated the law and the Constitution, while threatening Americans.

  5. Precise masses of the 3,000 types of atoms that comprise all matter in the solar system contains an indelible record of the Creator, Sustainer & Destroyer of every atom, life and planet in the solar system:


    That doesn’t leave room for geo-engineering by the Geophysics Section of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) and the front they created to hide geo-engineering from the public, the American Geophysical Union (AGU).

  6. I’ve never seen evidence that CO2 is a health hazard. If “carbon pollution” is such a life threatening problem, we must destroy all organic molecules. Some solid evidence I have seen is that photosynthetic plants thrive in higher concentrations of CO2.

  7. I am sure the administration would say the opposite is true. When alarmism is disproved all the alarmists will be forced to pay fines.

  8. What is NEVER mentioned by climate demagogues is that humans and animals MUST be the largest sources of CO2 because they breath in O2 and exhale CO2. And, ALL plants absorb CO2 for photosynthesis to produce carbonaceous matter, gaining energy to do so from the sun, and emit the O2 that animals need to breath. So, what population has about doubled in the past 50 years? Humans!!! Misanthropy reigns by any other name, such as Earth First.

  9. 1984 replay:

    “The further a society gets from the truth,
    the more they will punish those who speak it.”
    –George Orwell

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