2 thoughts on “Claim: No shortage of storage space for captured CO2, study finds”

  1. I’ve evaluated a half dozen of these Carbon Sequestration projects and have never found the availability of storage volume to be the limiting factor. Generally when you look at taking CO2 at a slight vacuum up to several thousand psi the cost of compression is staggering. Small amounts of water vapor have a tendency to create a very corrosive environment in high pressure CO2 (regardless of whether you are transporting it as a liquid, gas, or dense phase). The cost of materials for high pressure, low temperature, corrosive fluids tends to be really high. I can put CO2 into any coal seam in the world, but at the end of the day spending billions of dollars to hide plant food has had pretty bad economics.

  2. This proposal will take more than just a few TRILLION dollars to even get an operational plant running, all for what?it certainly doesn’t affect the climate at all!

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