6 thoughts on “Claim: Electric cars ‘cheaper’ than petrol, diesel rivals in 6 years”

  1. Does anyone have a circa-1915 electric car? Used car batteries, rechargeable [via cheap AC/DC converter] with normal house current, had 100-150 mile range, competitively priced, etc. Range is probably what killed them after WWI, is still a big problem. But add modern brakes and maybe air conditioning and I suspect one could compete with today`s electrics.

    But electricity [well, all fuel] price/availability is going to change enough to effectively kill off everything but horse-drawn streetcars.

  2. Did they figure in the cost to dispose of batteries when used up and the cost of replacing the batteries.
    There is no way they will be cheaper to operate in the long run.

  3. The claim that electric cars are cheaper than petrol is dead wrong, just look at this collection of links:
    “And at that price, the study amazingly concluded, the price of oil would need to exceed $350 a barrel before the electric vehicle was cheaper to operate.”
    “The plug-in’s payback period is seven years; the electric vehicle about eight years. That’s a long time in car years; beyond the expiry of a typical lease.”
    This was at a time (2011) when gasoline cost 4.5$/gallon, now it’s down to 2$/gallon.

    And the worse is to come, manufacturers keep losing money on them:

    You may imagine that their resale is similar to gasoline cars, yet the Nissan Leaf is the car that has the worst depreciation of all cars:

  4. They will only be cheaper if the government keeps increasing fuel economy mandates to the point that they make the cars more expensive. And this only works if it keeps subsidizing electric vehicles. At that point, most people won’t be able to afford cars and will need public transportation, the end goal of those central planners.

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