8 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders: We Must Fight Climate Change ‘In Military Terms,’ Fossil Fuel Money Controls GOP”

  1. This coming from a person who has lived off of public money all his life and was jealous of people making more money than him. He could never make it working for a business.

  2. Yeah, but those lazy college robots love him.

    But hey, why should they work to acquire a skill to find employment if Bolshevik Bernie promises everything for free.

    Of course, Parents Basement Bernie never worked a real job in his entire life.

  3. I am certain, that any decent psychiatrist in the world, could diagnose that creature, with a multitude of serious mental illnesses. Bernie is definitely not firing on all cylinders.

  4. We have to tax ourselves into penury because…UNICORNS!
    Someone please find the papers showing Bernie’s divorce from reality was deemed final by the court.

  5. The First Rule of War is “Understand your Enemy.”
    Bernie is clueless.
    The enemy is not the climate to which we can adapt.
    The enemy is the people who want to try to control ‘the climate’ using our personal economics as they choose and deprive us of our ability and resources to adapt.

  6. someone should do a study that defines the GDP and the domestic jobs that are tied to the fossil fuel industry …. got to be trillions in GDP and millions of job … and remember that if dad works for an oil company then at least one other voter possibly more (wife and older kids) are effected by this “war on fossil fuel industries” … there has to be 5 -10 million voters who depend on fossil fuel businesses …

  7. Another political party gung ho for a war based on bad intelligence. The people are so easily frightened into stupidity.

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