3 thoughts on “Arctic Sea Ice Reaches New Record Low Mark for Wintertime”

  1. That’s 0.089 % less than last year and a HORRIFYING 7.1 % below the 30-year average, which EVERYONE WHO IS PART OF THE ONE TRUE RELIGION knows is the PERFECT amount for human flourishing on planet earth. No we don’t know how much there was 4,000 years ago–what are you some kind of “denier”? Anything less than EXACTLY 6 million square miles and we must start making sacrifices to our pagan god Gaiea!

  2. I find it interesting that they believe the satellite data for the amount of Arctic ice but not for atmospheric temperature.

  3. Somebody in Barrow leave the hot plate on?
    There is still no reliable data on the amount of heat being injected into the depths of the Arctic Ocean by submarine vulcanism, much of which is not seismically measurable.

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