8 thoughts on “Wow… Dem Senators introduce resolution targeted at climate skeptics”

  1. Why is anyone surprised when progressives do what progressives always do. Lock up all who dissent with their views.

    This is why this election is so important. If Bernie or Hillary win, say goodbye to all rational thinking. Say goodbye to your country. Say goodbye to freedom and liberty. Say goodbye to 2A rights. Say goodbye to legally expressing doubts about AGW.

  2. It’s for reasons like this that they have such disdain for the second amendment. They know rational people will have nothing to do with their designs for ultimate power and will use it to protect themselves from those foolish enough to try and impose these hardships on them.

  3. The Democrats became the minority party in the House after the Waxman-Markey was passed and it took 4 more years to make them the minority party in the Senate. I guess these senators want to continue to be the minority party in perpetuity.

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