7 thoughts on “Warmists hope to dance on Scalia’s grave”

  1. @Morin Moss

    Conservatives (including Justice Antonin Scalia himself) tend to be rather more fair, decent and respectful about deaths on the ideological “other side” of the aisle. Both sides have their ideological meanies, but they are much more rare among US conservatives.

    This can be seen by looking up the sheer number of “hope he burns in hell” posts about the death of famous persons on the right and left. And when Bill Clinton was described as having heart surgery, the general tone was “I don’t agree with him politically but wish him well” (I sent one of these myself).

    The whole issue of tolerance is markedly different on left and right in the US, and it turns out this is quite intentional. I wrote about this some time back (note that “Level Head” is an anagram of DeHavelle):

    ===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

  2. There are many things we foreigners admire about the U.S.A., but your politicization of almost everything, even your SCOTUS, is not one of them…….
    Having the SCOTUS as a mini-senate must be about the most blatant example of prejudice on the planet……….
    ‘A 4-4 ideological split on the supreme court’……
    We non-lawyers expect judges’ decisions to be based on the pro’s and con’s of each case; not pre-determined by political bias……….
    BTW; if the deceased had been Barry, Don, or Hillary, would the coroner have bothered to conduct a more elaborate investigation into the cause-of-death?
    Judges generally accumulate, during their careers, more dangerous enemies than politicians……….

  3. There won’t be room on that grave. The LGBT community has been waiting a LONG to do just that.

    I wonder how civil & decent the rightwingers will be when James Hansen passes away.

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