2 thoughts on “Warming oceans are turning sea stars to goo and killing lobsters, scientists say”

  1. Good Grief!!! Lobster “Die-Outs” have been happening in the Long Island sound about every 5 or so years over the past few decades. Likely cause? “Things” flowing down the Housatonic and Connecticut Rivers and out of Narragansett Bay. What “Things???” I’m not quite sure, but people are not allowed to swim in there, as for good reason.

    EPA has made the choice to focus on CO2 and not concentrate on cleaning up those rivers, or the groundwater on Long Island, where people are dying of Breast Cancer at a rate 5 times of those living on the same island but drinking Ashokan Reservoir water made available only to Kings and Queens counties.

    Meanwhile in Maine, the Lobster Harvest is breaking records, largely due to strict catch monitoring efforts and waters far cleaner than those in southern New England.

    The “Junk Science” web pages end up being a perfect place to highlight the scientific “mush” with which the WaPo article pollutes the news!!!

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