Video: Neil deGrasse Tyson explains the real problem with climate change deniers

Skeptics, according to Tyson, don’t understand how science works.

Click for the video at BusinessInsider.

The only part of climate “science” that might be related to science are the temperature predictions made by models. Those have no fared so well and so the models need to be refined. The rest of climate “science” is mostly unverifiable hypotheses based on the predictions of the models that don’t work. We understand how science works. Tyson willfully misleads.

16 thoughts on “Video: Neil deGrasse Tyson explains the real problem with climate change deniers”

  1. Tyson doesn’t seem to remember science isn’t always right.
    As an example.
    Scientists in the 1960’s said Martians were building new canals on Mars. Wrong.
    Scientists said a “new ice age” was coming. Wrong
    Scientists said we were running out of oil. Wrong.
    Scientists said snowfall was a thing of the past. Wrong
    Scientists said eating fats caused heart disease. Wrong
    Scientists said the seas were rising and coastal cities would be flooded. Wrong
    With scientists being wrong so often why would anyone their every word as if it was the “word of God”?

  2. Well, we know how climate science works…. you jump on a bandwagon, beg for money from your master and then scream louder and louder to keep the gravy train running.

    I’m really interested to see how many scientists will become skeptics again after Uncle Sam decides the science really is settled, the tax has been levied, the droves of scientists only suck money from the politicians pockets, and, as such, are summarily released from their employ.

    I’m betting the number of skeptics will soar.

  3. Tyson is confused. Sadly, he appears to lack sufficient insight to understand this. He speaks of ‘climate change’ yet he does not define whether he is using the phrase defined by the UN or by an English dictionary. The new age Religion of Climatism is resplendent with its priests, dogma, followers and zealots. It pure distraction for the vacuous and politically correct, too timid or incapable of addressing the genuine challenges of the moment.

  4. Who would listen to a hack like Tyson. I hear him called “leading astrophysicist”!!

    The guy has done nothing in astrophysics, nothing, and manages a planetarium.

    he is a mouth piece nothing more, like Dawkins

  5. How do you explain the following:
    Atmospheric CO2 has risen by 100 parts per million (one part per ten thousand) over the past century.
    Experts claim that this one molecule has heated the other 10,000 molecules up by more than one degree centigrade.

    In order for one molecule to heat up 10,000 other molecules by 1°C, the effective temperature of that one
    molecule would have to be 10,000°C – about twice the temperature of the surface of the Sun.
    How is this possible???

  6. I wonder what kind of beast I am. I’m a right wing extremist, who disbelieves man caused global warming, knows about the mediaeval warm period and the little ice age, have a biology degree with a little geology mixed in for a longer perspective of time, upper division and graduate level statistics, and the belief that scientific evidence must be verifiable and repeatedly provable or demonstrable. I must be weird.

  7. Has he made note that it is primarily people on the conservative side of the political spectrum that never learned how science works? I wonder how that fits into his hypothesis.

    My hypothesis simply requires people to act like people and add in a few decades to time and bingo, you get today’s situation.

  8. Any pragmatist would recognise the number of times that what was supposed to have been a scientifically proven fact gets turned on its head. The annoying thing to the pragmatist is to witness the millions of words published by those misled (so called) scientists – the millions of dollars spent on fools errands and the absolute stupidity of statements such as this bonehead Tyson is spurting – unfortunately he is not on his own – take a breath and think pragmatically – its not that hard.

  9. It is ignorance of science within the populace that allowed the warmunists to get this far without being run out of town on a rail.

  10. To the contrary we do understand how “science” works. AGW/ACC crowd puts a “scientific” lab frock on superstition, political advantage and money scams, then they ridicule anyone that points it out.

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