3 thoughts on “US military to war game climate change threats”

  1. Re: Jon and the sailing ship Navy

    The environazis are going to have a near catatonic fit trying to figure out whether to support the “green energy” sailing ship Navy or violently protest the “rape of our forests” in order to supply the wood needed to build sailing ships, even those with iron [steel] hulls.

  2. So is the Navy going to wind power again? The US Navy is one of the few navies that does have a wind powered ship in commission. USS Constitution. Sailing ships are back.

  3. From the photo in your tweet and to the left that is a US Army MH-47 series helicopter. Since that is an Army bird I tend to think that the boats belong to Delta Force or Special Ops. Could be an exercise with the seals though.

    Retired US Army, Infantry, Aviation and Civil Affairs.

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