The Heathrow Airport Climate Protesters Are Going to Jail. Good.

“Judge Wright appears to have understood – as many in the judiciary, unfortunately, have failed to do – that religious belief, however fervently held, is no justification for economic terrorism.”

James Delingpole writes at

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3 thoughts on “The Heathrow Airport Climate Protesters Are Going to Jail. Good.”

  1. I can only hope that both the airport and those passengers affected bring civil suite against each individual and the organization supporting them.

  2. Yeah, sorry, saveenergy is correct: no jail time will be served, and the EcoNazis have won yet another round in the reality game show of Life.

    They will continue to win until (short term) their opponents use sufficient blunt force in the proper areas to stop them, and (long term) until those same opponents re-assume the responsibility for the education of the next generation.

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