7 thoughts on “Study: Downpours Over Land Have Slowed Sea Level Rise”

  1. I think the proper salute for the “truly knowing, scientifically scientific, consensusly consenting scientists is the famous “raspberry”.

  2. They remind me of the Matrix parody “Computer Boy”.

    “LOOK! Over there!”

    So, does our sending huge amounts of stored water to the ocean in order to protect fish mean we are making the seas rise?

  3. After nations and national academies of sciences were united into an “Orwellian Ministry of Scientific (UN)Truths” on 24 Oct 1945, many federal research agencies and research grants were used to deceive the public:

    NASA promoted misinformation about stars
    DOE promoted misinformation about energy
    EPA promoted environmental misinformation
    NOAA promoted misinformation on the climate
    Etc., etc.

    The promise and warning in the last paragraph of Aston’s 1922 Noble Lecture induced fear of worldwide nuclear annihilation in world leaders in Aug-Sept 1945. They united to hide
    NEUTRON REPULSION from the public, the FORCE that powers the expanding universe from cores of

    1. Heavy atoms like Uranium
    2. Some planets like Jupiter
    3. Ordinary stars like the Sun
    4. Galaxies like the Milky Way
    5. The now expanding Universe

  4. Is the real and honest problem simply the fact that modern technological advances have created illusions and delusions that mislead policy makers into believing that impracticable government programs are practicable? That all it takes is for enough money to be thrown at any problem by the right government program with the right number of government employees and ipso facto, magic stuff happens and the shower of magic fiat money upon the problem leads to the conjuring of a workable solution from the same magic hole in the air as that magic hole in the air from which the magic fiat money was conjured.

    According to recent public opinion polls, a supermajority of American Citizens now view “our” federal government with hatred and disgust. I think there’s reasons for that.

  5. Every time one of their wild claims is disproved, they become frantic and will grasp at anything with no though of how ridiculous it sounds.

  6. A history of failed climate predictions.
    1. Early 1950: “The next ice age is starting! It may become so severe that the USA & USSR will be forced to combine their nuclear weapons to melt the advancing Ice sheets and save the continents.”
    2. The Himalayan glaciers were supposed to be melted and gone several years ago. They aren’t.
    3. 1970’s: Drastic predictions about Earth’s temperature rise. >15 years of no increase.
    4. About 4 years ago in our NE States and England: “It is tragic! Our children will never see any snow or enjoy any winter sports after this year!”
    5. After Hurricane Katina: “This is just tip of the iceberg! We will have hurricanes as strong as this or even stronger, several of them making landfall every year from now on!” No hurricane on the Eastern seaboard or gulf of Mexico has made landfall since Katrina.
    Their predictions resemble the ones we used to hear from the old Gypsy fortune tellers. The difference is the fortune tellers moved on as soon as they made their prediction, our AGW/ACC crowd can’t do that so they have to rely on blame shifting, lies, faked data, ridicule and threats (RICO). But the motive is the same “Cross my palm with $ilver!”

  7. “According to recent public opinion polls, a supermajority of American Citizens now view “our” federal government with hatred and disgust. I think there’s reasons for that.”

    Actually, a hypermajority of the humans on planet earth view the US government with hatred and disgust. Though some “conservatives” may have to take some partial credit for that.

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