9 thoughts on “Obama to Propose a $10-a-Barrel Fee on Oil”

  1. How about a $10 tariff on Middle East oil? That will raise money for “infrastructure” and help the local producers. Oh, I forgot, we can’t do anything to anger the Iranians, our new buddies. I wouldn’t mind paying for highway repairs and improvements if they would actually repair and improve the roads. But no, we have multi-million dollar electronic roadside signs that inform everyone that there is an accident that occurred 4 hours ago, but it is finally being reported. Or the mileage markers set every two tenths of a mile, the electronic variable speed limit signs, roundabouts instead of on ramps, and other boondoggles and dubious projects.

  2. The costs of governments is the primary forcing agent that is driving the prices that governments pay for purchases ever higher and driving costs of governments ever higher resulting in ever higher costs of governments. Government finance is not a one-way linear system, it’s a feed-back loop. Today’s costs feed back through the nation’s economy to become a part of the prices that governments pay tomorrow, on and on ad infinitum. Or until the li’l ol’ Washington hot air balloon needs to be able to fly higher than the li’l ol’ Washington sky in order that the parasitoidal crony socialists can be kept to the standards to which they believe themselves deserving.

  3. I guess we’ll have to build windmills of wood and textile sails (renewable resources). Other than Bakelite, which was a plastic made from wood, good plastics, resins, composites, are made from oil. To obtain the raw materials, transport them, process them to produce the desired products, transport to where they can be formed into needed parts, transport to building site, construct… Metallurgy, same problems. Windmills and solar powered sources must be built not to kill or injure birds and bats, more problems. Asphalt pavement requires oil, and so on.

  4. Bill, it will be a wonderful thing when those promoting it the hardest don’t have the largest carbon footprint of everyone.

  5. Is he crazy? 10$ per barrel is astronomical. With such low oil prices it will kill American oil production companies… Not that I care much, but still surprising.

  6. All of the efforts to stop using fossil fuels will be a wonderful thing when we start putting windmills and solar cells on our fighter jets.

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