4 thoughts on “Lomborg: The Paris climate deal won’t even dent global warming”

  1. If we have no faith in the current models to predict global temperature, as is demonstrably true, then why do we have any faith that the models can predict the effect of CO2 reductions?

  2. Hansen and other climate activists have a chance to show they are acting in good faith and actually care about the world, rather than padding their own resumes and bank accounts.
    They should immediately get on all the networks and media and demand that the White House stop this sham and that Congress (especially Democrats) vote to block the implementation of the Paris accords.

    Don’t hold your breath.

  3. By Bjorn: “My own peer-reviewed research, published in the journal Global Policy, shows that all of the treaty’s 2016-2030 promises on cutting carbon-dioxide emissions will reduce temperatures by the year 2100 by just 0.05°C. Even if the promised emissions cuts continued unabated throughout the century, the Paris agreement would cut global temperature increases by just 0.17°C. Scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology reach a similar conclusion.”

    The entire article was penned by Bjorn Lombard.

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