One thought on “limate experts urge leading scientists’ association: reject Exxon sponsorship”

  1. BULL! Exxon did not, and certainly could not, possibly fabricate

    1. Observations of Earth’s magnetic connection to powerful solar eruptions in Sept 1859

    2. Precise rest mass data of the 3,000 atoms that compromise all matter, nor the

    3. Precise data of Earth’s gravitational connection to the Sun, . . .

    observations and precise measurements that independently revealed the powerful pulsar at the center of the Sun.

    1. Richard Carrington reported Earth’s magnetic connection to a deep-seated FORCE in the Sun in Sept 1859 via the magnetic fields that emerge as sunspots and connect with Earth’s magnetic field.

    2. We observed the Sun’s creative FORCE indelibly recorded in exact masses of the 3,000 types of atoms that were made in the Sun’s core.

    3. Recent precise gravitational anomaly measurements also show Earth’s gravitational connection to the Sun’s pulsar core:

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