3 thoughts on “India air pollution is now worse than China”

  1. According to Greenpeace and their ilk the sole cure for pollution is poverty. After all, if nobody can afford cars and electric appliances they’re not using gas and electricity…
    Back to wood fires (which you can then ban under laws to ban the cutting down of trees, obviously, “for the environment”).
    And the resulting pandemics that go untreated will go a long way towards achieving their goal of human extinction.

  2. “The only cure for this is wealth, which will eventually afford a cleaner environment. Meantime, the poor air quality is killing no one.”

    Then why bother wasting money cleaning up the air if no one is harmed?

  3. Poverty kills. That’s the only reasonably valid correlation. Which is not necessarily a bad thing, that’s how evolution used to get us were we are. The weakest die, the strongest survive. Eugenics got a bad rap due to abuse by power hungry madmen. Doesn’t mean the principle of a diverse gene pool cleaning itself of hardly viable specimens is inherently evil. It’s just neutral.

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