2 thoughts on “Federal wetlands mitigation bank scam threatens popular California golf course”

  1. You are right, tadchem. All that vegetation in those areas must be managed to avoid turning it all into tinder, fuel for raging fires. The areas are HUGE. The only way we’ve managed areas that large is to allow people to profit – then there is no shortage of effort or attention and the tasks are done. For example, allow logging and trees get cleared.

    Benefit those that are working for themselves; benefit society (no fires). Gov’t still has to make sure the incentives are producing the desired results, but the challenge is 90% met just by letting people work.

  2. From the CA department of fish and wildlife site: “A conservation or mitigation bank is privately or publicly owned land managed for its natural resource values.”
    Unless, of course, the ‘natural resource values’ include mineral wealth…
    It means land that the government has appropriated and blocked from development by public or commercial interests which might accidentally increase its actual value.
    Pragmatically, it means a reserve on which combustible materials are to be accumulated without limit, until they … well … combust, naturally.
    California already has what natives call a ‘Fire Season.’
    I have seen the range fires on overgrown chapparal hillsides with fire cyclones over 100 feet tall.
    ‘Banking’ the land to store extra carbon will not work permanently – ever.

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